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Registration Tutorial

In order to participate in our online auction, you will have to create a HiBid account and then register to bid in the auction. Note that you will have to complete the steps in Part I and Part II to do this.

If you are having any technical issues or have any technical questions, please do not hesitate to send email us at with your issue or concern. One-on-one technical support is available upon request.

If you have previously participated in one of our auctions, you may navigate to the Bidding Tutorial page for updated guidelines.

Part I: Account Creation

The following steps to create a HiBid account must be completed prior to bidding in our online auction. Navigate to to begin.

Step 1

In the upper toolbar, select “Login/New bidder”

Step 2

Select “New Bidder”

Step 3

Enter your email address

Step 4

Re-enter your email address

Step 5

Select check email

Step 6

Fill in your personal information, including your mailing address and a way to be contacted via telephone. You do not need to provide a company name. As a reminder, we do not require any credit card information to register for an account, nor do we have access to this information if you are a successful bidder.

Step 7

Choose your username

Step 8

Create a secure password

Step 9

Check your emails in order to verify your account (May be in spam or junk folder).

Part II: Register to Bid

Step 1

Click the gray" Register to Bid" button with the auction hammer icon seen in the middle of the header.

Step 2

A window will pop up, and you will have to click the box to agree to the registration terms. Please take the time to carefully read the Terms and Conditions.

Step 3

You will now be registered and able to bid on the lots.


You can now proceed to our Bidding Tutorial to learn about placing bids, absentee bidding, and placing maximum bids on lots of interest.

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