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Canadian Professional Appraisers (CPA)

We are pleased to offer Art Appraisals and Valuations by Liz Isaac and Mario Brideau, both members of the Canadian Professional Appraisers (CPA)

  • Has your art or antique collection been appraised recently?

  • Do you have an up to date appraisal of your household contents for insurance purposes?

  • Have you considered a Fair Market Appraisal on your contents for eventual family distribution?

  • Has your lawyer recommended an appraisal under the Marital Property Act as you pursue a separation or divorce?

  • Are you curious as to the value of the items that have been passed down to you through generations of the family?


Mario & Liz

Liz Isaac and Mario Brideau are available for professional services in any of these areas. Liz offers expertise is in art, period furniture, sterling silver, jewelry, china and glass. Marios expertise is in fine art, pottery and New Brunswick art glass.

Please make contact with Mario or Liz to arrange a valuation or art appraisal today:


Liz Isaac Appraisals

Canadian Professional Appraiser

Saint John, NB

Cell: (506) 333-1058 



Mario Brideau Appraisals

Canadian Professional Appraiser

Saint John, NB

Tel: (506) 642-9004   Cell: (506) 651-0318


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