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January 9th to January 15th Online Auction


All of our work has led up to this; we are pleased to invite you for another unforgettable experience. We’ve been working on this auction for months, and are so excited to finally present it to the public. Please take a look at our auction catalogue, and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have more information about a particular piece.


Liz Isaac & Citadel Gallery Auctions located at 162 Charlotte St. (Uptown) Saint John, NB, Canada is happy to be featuring art work in our Winter 2023 auction by; Miller Gore Brittain, Maud Lewis, Jack Humphrey, Fred Ross, Rosamond Campbell, Julia Crawford, Ted Campbell, George Horne Russell, William Forrestall, Alex Colville, Bruno Bobak, Herzl Kashetsky, Fritz Brandtner, Ray Butler, Werner Arnold, Lionel Cormier, Jack Bush, John Warren Gray, Gerard Collins, Stephen Scott and many other artist. Also Fine Porcelain, Sterling silver, Gold and silver Jewelry. Furniture by Thomas Nisbet and Pottery by; Deichmann, Peter Powning, Lorenzen, Tom Smith (and many more). Further, unique items from the Yuan, Ming and Han Dynasties.

Catalogue Download

Click on the icon to download our May 9th to May 15th auction catalogue.

To view photographs of the lots, click here.

Download our auction catalogue to read in depth descriptions for each lot item in our fantastic Winter online auction. 

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