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Bidding Tutorial

This tutorial is the continuation of our Registration Tutorial. Please ensure that you have created your HiBid account and have registered to bid in our auction before proceeding with these steps by navigating to: 

Absentee Bidding

This is an internet-only auction. All bidding activity will take place online, however absentee bidding is available by contacting Mario at (506) 642-9004 or Liz at(506) 642-9095. Alternatively, you can also email us at to make absentee bidding arrangements.


Login Instructions

Navigate to and complete the following steps:

Step 1

Select "Login/New Bidder".

Step 2

Enter your username and password.

Step 3

Click in the "Keep me signed in" square box.

Step 4

Click the "Log On" button. 

Step 5

Click the "Jan 9-15 2023" title on the navigation page to display all of the lots.

 Placing A One-Time Bid Instructions

If you would like to leave a one time bid on a lot, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Once you have located your lot of interest, click the "Bid" button underneath the lot photograph.


Use the "Search" bar at the left hand side of the screen to filter for a specific lot number or artist. You will have to manually enter this information and then click "Search". 

Bid Status

If you are the current winner of the lot, it will be lit up in green.

If you have been outbid, it will be lit up in red. 

Placing A Maximum Bid Instructions

If you have a maximum amount in mind that you would like to bid on a lot, it may be beneficial to place a maximum bid on your preferred lot. However, it is possible for multiple maximum bids to be placed on the same lot by different bidders which is why monitoring your bid statuses is important. Bid increments can increase quickly in these situations. 


It is possible to leave a maximum bid by clicking into the lot's title, ex: "Lot 1..." by completing the following steps:

Step 1

Click the "Lot Details" button next to the green button at the bottom of the pop-up.

Step 2

In the "New Max Bid" box, enter the maximum amount you wish to bid on this item.

Step 3

Click the "+ Place Bid" button, and select "Confirm" to lock it in.


The system will then bid on your behalf if you are outbid. It will not automatically go up to this amount. The only time it will increment is if someone is bidding against you.

Locating Your Current Bids & Real Time Biding Notifications

We would like to kindly remind those who are bidding in our current  auction that it is important to bookmark and refer the current bids page to follow the status on their lots of interest.


Emails can be subject to delays and there are sometimes delays with certain devices related to internet connection speeds beyond our control, and this can impact receiving a bidding status update if you are out bid.


From previous feedback, it appears that mobile devices and tablets do not update as quickly as desktops, and laptops on the main closing page.

Instead, we recommend referring to this page: 


It is a better reflection on the current state of the auction as it is updated live. 


We encourage everyone to be ready to input their bids before the auction comes to a soft-staggered close at 6:00PM AST on January 15, 2022. Please check back at your preferred lot(s) at 5:30 PM AST to follow along with the auction closing. A reminder that the first lot queued to close is Lot 1. 

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