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Our unforgettable online auction featuring an outstanding collection of art works and pottery from New Brunswick and other Canadian artist/artisans is now open for bidding and will come to a soft-staggered close on Sunday January 15 starting at 6:00 PM AST with lot #1.

Important Auction Closing Information

This is a soft-staggered closing auction. All of the lots "do not" immediately come to a close at the same time. It follows the simulated flow of an in person auction, with one lot closing at a time. You must monitor your lot(a) of interest throughout this process as bidding activity can continue until the timer reaches 0:00 on the lot (indicating it’s official close). 

Auction lots begin closing at 6:00PM on January 15th,  each of the lots will have a time displayed as a countdown to signal when the bidding will close. Lot 1 will be the first to come to a soft close. The times the lots are scheduled to end may become extended if a bid comes in within the last three minutes. As per the HiBid soft close description: “ The closing time of this lot will be extended by 3.0 minutes if a bid is placed on this lot in the last 3.0 minutes.”. 

For example, if a lot was scheduled to close at 6:15PM, and a bid is placed in the last two minutes then that lots closing time will be extended by 3 minute for a 6:18PM close, allowing for the bidder to enter another bid within this time period if they desire. The close time for this lot is extended by 3 by minutes every time a new bid is placed within this window by additional bidders.  Once there are no new bids being placed by bidders on the lot during this period, the lot will close once the time has elapsed. 

NOTE: This is an internet-only auction. All bidding activity will take place online, however absentee bidding is available by contacting Mario at (506) 642-9004 / (506) 651- 0318 or Liz at (506) 642-9095

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